Robert Graves on Love and Acceptance

I recently came across Robert Graves’ poem ‘O Love in Me’ and was immediately impressed by its beautiful, stark imagery. This poem reminds us that love—that wonderful sun-drenched feeling of happiness and acceptance—is nourished by simple things, but is also stalked at the peripheries by darkness. The apple, perhaps an allusion to the Garden of Eden, […]


There is much to explain. I don’t know how to begin. Time has disappeared. I struggle to make sense of where it went. The wheels we are caught in never stop—its easy to forget this. We feel we are masters of time; we feel in control of the days we inhabit, but they slip by […]

Be Thankful for What You Got

I am grateful for smaller things: clothes, food, books on my shelves, pens to write with, money in the bank, warm blankets, my children and their optimism, my wife and her compassion. Life is uncomplicated right now, but it wasn’t always that way. I spent years in turmoil, immersed in unhappiness. I didn’t fit in. […]

Bond Themes Are Forever

I love Bond movies. There’s a guilty pleasure to them. I admire the gritty, back-to-basics, no-nonesnese, no-gadgets, fair-trade, PC Daniel Craig movies of recent years. But for me Bond movies will always hold a golden nostalgic quality: rainy Sunday afternoon; dad in his armchair with a can of Carlsberg; sisters cutting out pictures from Jackie or […]

The Old Guard

The boy remained silent for miles, struggling to steer his horse while cuffed with his lank hair shielding his grubby face; the boy was barely eighteen and too young to remember, but Robbie, the older of the two guards, thought often about the old times when it was all about ‘incarceration’, ‘correction’, and ‘reform’—after The […]

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